Olive Letter Opener


  • Special wood – A unique letter opener made from special Italian olive wood.
  • Unique Gift – A beautiful personalized gift in combination with our engraving option.
  • Size – The overall length is 15 cm, and with a width of 1 cm, it’s the perfect size for daily use.
  • Modern design – Beautiful letter opener with an ergonomic olive handle and elegant knife.
  • Easy to use – easily opens all letters without damaging inside content or cutting your hand.

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The olive letter opener is a handmade opener made from unique Italian olive wood. For this product, we use beautiful Italian olive wood originated from the areas surrounding the Gran Paradiso mountains. We were lucky enough to get some pieces from an ancient sick olive tree! Because the tree was ill, the colors and figures of this wood are genuinely unique and always different. By using this special wood, we make sure that every letter opener is unique and has a story behind it. Olive wood is one of our favorite woods, because of the great smell while working with it and the excellent durability.

All our handmade letter openers are perfectly suited as a Mother’s day gift or Christmas gift because we give you the option to personalize it with a text, name, or logo. This makes our letter openers the perfect gifts for your beloved ones! The olive letter opener looks stunning with the personalization option!

– Handmade olive letter opener with gold accents
– We sand our letter openers to a very smooth surface and finish with natural oil, so it’s a pleasant feeling when using it.
– Because we work with natural materials, no two letter openers are alike. Slight variations in color and pattern make each piece unique.
– The letter opener is 15 cm or 5.9 inches long and has a width of 1cm or 0.4 inches.

If you would like your letter opener personalised by engraving it with a word of love, name or even a logo, simply choose the personalised option when ordering and let us know in the box below what you would like engraved. We love to make our olive letter opener extra special for you!

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