Whiskey Barrel Keychain


  • Reclaimed wood – A special keychain made out of an old whiskey barrel.
  • Size – The overall length is only 4 cm, so it’s never in the way.
  • Classy design – This keyring is turned in the shape of a barrel, classy and stylish!
  • Unique gift – The perfect affordable gift for any whiskey lover.


This unique whiskey barrel keychain is handmade from an old whiskey barrel from the Brugge Whisky company. Because the wood used in this keychain is from recycled whiskey barrels, the colors of the oak are truly special and are always different! Oak is a beautiful warm wood species, and especially because it’s reclaimed, it has a lovely darker look to it. The keychain gets finished of with the characteristic black lines to get a striking resemblance of a real barrel!

-Handmade Whiskey barrel keychain with gold accents.
-We sand our keychains to a very smooth surface and finish with natural oil; by doing so, it will never damage your pockets or keys.
– Because we work with natural materials, no two keychains are alike. Slight variations in color and pattern make each piece unique.
-The length of our keychain is 4 cm and a thickness of 2 cm.

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