100% Sustainable

Hand made and personalized wooden gifts made out of recycled wood.

100% Sustainable

Putting an end to “throw-away” culture

Every product we make is designed to last and must meet our high-quality standards! Our pens are circular, meaning they are always made from death or sick trees or used oak barrels to minimise our impact. Refill is standardised to make sure you will always find a replacement.

Fountain Pen Thuya - Wooden Gifts and More - Sustainable Wooden Items

Our mission

Creating handmade sustainable wooden pens and other writing accessories, with passion and craftsmanship, all while being mindful of nature.

Roller Bal Pen Oak - Wooden Gifts and More - sustainable and recycled wooden gifts

Circular and durable products

Tailor made & sustainable

All of our products made tailor made by Dennis in his workshop in Vosselaar, Belgium. With a passion for wood and sustainability, Dennis makes sure that every product is made out of high quality, recycled wood.


All our gifts and products are handmade locally in our workshop.

100% Sustainale

We make sure our products are sustainable and not harming the environment!

Fully custom

We design, create, personalize, and ship our products all over the world.

100% Sustainable

Customized gifts for friends and employees

Our handmade Wooden Gifts are the perfect way to give back! Every gift is unique. The wood originates from sick or dead trees, making our materials 100% circular and sustainable. Make it even more special by engraving your company name or logo or message to a love one.