An introduction to snail mail and seven reasons why it’s awesome!

Snail mail is a great hobby that can bring you lots of joy and new friends! In this blog post, I explain some reasons why it’s awesome.

These days everyone spends hours a day communicating through social media, texts, and emails. But these digital messages don’t have the same feeling as a handwritten letter! In this blog post, I want to convince you why writing a letter to the important persons in your life is awesome and will make you and your beloved ones happy.

Snail mail has this nostalgic feeling for me, it reminds me of when I was young and had to write letters for New Year to read out loud to the grandparents and parents (I’m sure loads of people will recognize this ?). At a young age, we all have written dozens of letters to grandparents, parents, friends, and maybe even loved ones. Sadly enough, writing a letter to a friend, family member, or even a pen pal is getting these days rare. Because of social media and mail, we have switched our communications to a short and possibly more efficient form. But there are still many reasons why we all should, from time to time, write a lovely snail mail! A handwritten letter is something special and will be highly appreciated in these times by any person you send it to! Besides that it was the way to go, Writing a personal letter the old school way with a beautiful ballpoint pen or even a fountain pen is extremely fun and satisfying. To convince you about why writing a letter is great and will benefit you, I listed my favorite 7 reasons.

7 Reasons why snail mail is awesome

1. Creating a personal letter is fun and enjoyable
The process of creating a personal letter is truly great. It’s a peaceful process where you can put your creativity into a letter to a friend or beloved one. Instead of sending a quick message or email, snail mail is something that takes time and effort. When creating a snail mail, you can make your own little piece of art. This you can do by using a unique piece of paper, a beautiful envelope, and for example, a fountain pen with a calligraphic nib. By using your best handwriting, the letter gets truly personal and will create a smile on the face of the receiver!

2. It’s stress-relieving
In these uncertain and stressful times, it can be helpful to do something a bit slower, like handwriting a letter. It will allow you to put your mind on to something lighter and more positive. Using a pen and paper can be almost therapeutically due to your writing from your heart and, at the same time, are practicing your handwriting. Another nice part of it is that you can get for a while entirely away from all the digital screens and just use your hands to write a personal letter for your beloved ones.

3. Writing by hand feels good and can be nostalgic
I think we all have some great and horrible memories with handwriting. (hopefully, the great memories are just a bit more prominent ?) Using a pen to write your thoughts down on paper can be satisfying and relieving, giving you an escape from your busy and stressful life. Writing a beautiful letter with your best handwriting takes time and skill, the first times it can maybe be frustrating. But it will be very rewarding when you see your hard work on paper! Lastly, handwriting is for many of us something nostalgic that brings us back to our childhood/school period, where we had to write for hours and hours.

4.  A snail mail can be saved forever
When you send your latest snail mail to your relative, friend, or beloved one, it will create an unexpected smile on their face. Receiving a snail mail between all the boring invoices is something special and fun! Because the letter is handwritten, it is more personal and has much more meaning. Another great advantage of a mail is, it can be saved forever and be a great memory you share with that person. Due to the letter is tangible, your friends will be much more motivated to keep your note and store it in a nice place.

5. It creates long-lasting friendships!
Once you send your first snail mail to your friend or family member, I’m quite sure you will get a handwritten letter back! It’s special receiving a handwritten personal note these days, and the chance that they will answer you back is significant. And from that point on, you have started with a possible life long tradition of sending fun letters to each other. This can, of course, never be achieved via social media, it’s something unique and nostalgic that many people will appreciate!

6. You can use your creativity
Another great advantage of snail mail is that you can use all your creativity in making the letter as unique and special as you can think of. You can use the fanciest handwriting you can think of, or write with dozens of colors, anything works! This makes the whole process of creating a snail mail more fun and entertaining. Also, this makes it a lot more enjoyable to read for the other person, and they will, for sure, appreciate all the time and creativity you put into it. For many people, snail mail can also be a great hobby to rediscover your creative sense and fall in love with it again, like when you were young.

7. A snail mail has much more meaning
When was the last time you looked at that email your friend from school send you 5 years ago? The answer is probably never again, and you deleted it to create space in your mailbox. With snail mail, this is entirely different. A handwritten letter has so much more meaning and will, in all likelihood, be stored by the receiver! In this day and time, an old school letter is something special and unique that will be remembered.

Now that you know why snail mail is fantastic, I can imagine you immediately want to start with writing a letter to someone. But I can understand that you’re now thinking where can I find all the essential items, to begin with, snail mail. Well, I got you covered, I listed some of my own favorite items to write a unique letter that will be remembered. These items are, of course, only suggestions and more to give you an idea of what you will need to get started with this fun hobby. Some snail mail essentials to get started!

– Nice Personalized Paper

Snail Mail Writing Paper - Personalized Lettering Paper

Let’s start from the beginning, to write a proper snail mail you need some nice paper. Not only to look at good paper is important, but also to write on. It will make the process of making the letter a lot more enjoyable. And you will put some time into these letters, so you can’t use standard printing paper! My personal favorite is this classy yet stylish paper from PurpleTrail that you can even personalize with your name or a funny text. To ensure that your letter is really unique. And the best part is, it’s really affordable

– A good pen/ fountain pen

Luxury Wooden Fountain Pen - Snail Mail Pen

After you’ve found good paper that you like, you need a good pen to write your thoughts down effortlessly. That’s where Wooden Gifts And More can help you! A handmade wooden fountain pen or writing pen will make the process of making a letter much more enjoyable, and you will be able to write for hours! You can, of course, also use a normal pen or metal pen, but this will not give the same experience as a handcrafted fountain pen created out of unique wood species!

-Eye-catching envelope

Custom Snail Mail Envelope - Unique Personal Envelope

Before you can ship the letter to your friend/family member, you need a nice envelope to make the package complete! Sending it in a standard mail envelope will ruin the experience, that’s why you need a unique envelope. There are thousands of options on the market, all of them can fit your letter perfect. Personally, I like the more vintage ones, due to snail mail is for me something with a nostalgic feeling. And just like the paper, you can also personalize these 🙂

– A personalized wax stamp

Custom Wax Stamp - Personal Wax Stamp

To close your envelope, you can choose tape or a personal sticker. But why not go extra old school and go for a wax stamp! This will make your snail mail genuinely unique and stand out from any of the other envelopes. These days you can even get reasonably easily your own personalized wax stamp

These items are just some of the essentials, in my opinion, it will be an excellent base to get started and send out those first letters. But you can, of course, use much more stationary equipment to make your letter! Your imagination is truly the limit with snail mail! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post; hopefully, you’re convinced about snail mail and will start sending those first letters out soon ?

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