The Personalized Wooden Gifts Guide

In this guide, we tell you everything there is to know about personalized wooden gifts, from the techniques, to some examples and places to buy!
Personalized Handmade Wooden Gifts - Unique Wooden Pens

We all struggle to find gifts for holidays, birthdays, or special occasions. It’s challenging to find the right item for someone special, especially last minute. You don’t want to give the standard socks or a candle, or something that is found the next day on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist,…!
What (almost)always works is a personalized wooden gift; it shows that you care about the person and that you spend the extra time to get something special that you can’t find everywhere. Another incredible fact about a wooden gift is that it’s crafted out of living material. The wood used for any item has been growing for years and often decades, resulting in always a unique and one of a kind present. But finding a personalized gift can often be a challenge for multiple reasons: long delivery time, very expensive, not available in your country or state,…
Well, in this guide, we will show you exactly where you can find the best personalized gifts that will be made with love, and especially for your beloved ones!

1. Introduction why personalized gifts are great!

In the past, engraving an item was a costly job that could only be done on a limited amount of items. At that time, the common thing to do was personalize the item with the full name of the receiver. Nowadays, due to new inventions and numerous new techniques, you can engrave almost everything on anything. Your imagination is truly your only limitation. Many companies offer these days even the engraving of your favorite picture in an item you like!
There are many reasons why it’s a perfect idea to personalize a present for your beloved ones. For starters, it gives the item a luxury look; by adding the personal touch, the object becomes a limited edition of itself that expresses a sort of magnificence. Another plus point for a wooden personalized gift, it makes the item truly one of a kind, because no one else will have the exact same present! The last advantage is that when you engrave or etch the product, it gives the item a different and warmer look. It creates an often subtle detail on the gift, making it a real eye-catcher.

2. How gifts can be personalized

As earlier mentioned, there are endless ways to personalize your gift. The most common techniques used for wooden items are laser engraving and CNC engraving. For other materials like plastic, glass, and metal, there are also etching, screen printing, embossing, and embroidery. Let’s have a look at the techniques for the wooden gifts and discuss their pros, cons, and usability.
Laser engraving
This method is often used for engraving highly detailed items that are too small for the general CNC machines. These days laser engraving is available for almost everyone and makes a beautiful personalization in the wood. It often creates a slightly burned look in the wood that makes a lovely darker accent. Another advantage of this method is that it’s fast and versatile, yet very durable. The only negative is that laser engraving often is not suited on dark woods due to it’s not clearly visible.
CNC engraving
This method is often used when you want a more profound effect in the wood, due to laser only burns the wood, but a CNC carves away the wood and can leave a more 3D effect in the wood. The versatility of these machines is practically endless, due to they can form the piece of wood in almost any shape. Making this kind of engraving much more unique, and the only limitation is your imagination. The only negative is that it can’t engrave tiny details

3. For what occasions personalized gifts are great

In essence, a personalized wooden present works perfectly for any occasion. But for some events, it works even better and will leave the receivers speechless. One of our favorite moments to give a wooden gift is during Christmas time, the time when family comes together, and we all have to give presents. Wooden presents and Christmas go hand-in-hand; the story of the wood represents the warm feeling and comradery; this holiday means for so many of us.
Another great time to give a wooden gift is at an anniversary gift, for example, the 5th wedding anniversary, also known as the wooden anniversary. This jubilee is a significant milestone for a married couple, so then you can’t just give a wooden cutting board. It has to be something special and preferably something personalized! For example, a wooden fountain pen with case and engraving is a beautiful example.
Lastly, maybe the most fitting moment to give a wooden present is as a graduation gift. After your beloved one succeeded in high school or college, the traditional present to give is an engraved pen. A wooden pen is a perfect variation on this classical gift; the enclosure tells its own story and can be personalized with a name, text, or logo. The second advantage of wood is that the engraving leaves a subtle detail on the pen that makes it truly special!

4. Why wooden products are so great as a personalized gift

We talked already about why personalized presents are great, but an engraved wooden gift has something extra special. Traditionally woodworkers would engrave their works by hand to display who made it, on request they could also carve initials, names, or drawings in the wood. Those days are sadly enough gone for the most part; the more common way to engrave these days is by using a CNC- or laser engraver. The part that makes the wooden products stand out and extraordinary is the wonderful colors the wood has and the story it has to tell. When using the laser engraving method, you essentially burn the wood, creating a dark accent on the wood, which makes the personalization stand out even more! Another reason why it’s such an excellent material for engraving is the texture, and figure wood has, which is unlike any other material. Combine this with a CNC or laser engraving, and you’re guaranteed to get an exceptional personalized wooden gift for your beloved ones!

5. Wooden Gifts And More Personalization technique

We love to make our wooden pens, letter openers, and cases genuinely unique. For all the products, we use sustainable wood, which is carefully selected to guarantee the best colors and figures. As an extra option, we give you a chance to personalize your product with a name, text, or logo. By doing so, our writing pens, keychains, or letter openers become the ideal personalized gift if you’re looking for something truly unique. The technique we use to personalize our pens is the laser engraving method. This ensures that you can personalize the product with great detail and on a small scale like on a fountain pen. Another advantage of this method is that it creates a darker accent on the wood, and it’s inside the wood and not on the wood. This ensures that the engraving will last a lifetime and does not need any maintenance.

6. Examples of WG&M personalization

We love to personalize our product for our customers, it tells us a bit more about where the pen will go to, and we’re sure it will be used for a very long time! Throughout the years, we have engraved all our products and wood species with names, text, logos, or anything you can think of. Some engravings have made us laugh because people are really inventive when you give them the change.
Here are some of our personal favorites that were engraved over the year.
If you’re unsure of your text, logo, name would fit on any of our products, don’t hesitate to contact us!
We will always try to help and figure something out😊

7. 7 reasons to give a wooden present

Finding the right item is truly difficult; some people just have everything! And then there is the stress of if you’re giving something to modern, or to old school,… Gift-giving is something amazing but also so difficult. If you’re thinking of purchasing a wooden product for your beloved ones, you’re on the right way! The gift will have its own story and will (almost) never disappoint. Here are 7 reasons why a wooden present is the way to go for nearly everyone!
1. Wood is long-lasting
If you buy a present that’s carefully crafted out of a piece of wood, you know it will last for a lifetime. Wood is an extremely durable material, and if taken care of properly, the receiver will be able to enjoy his gift for a long time. Did you know that some wood species also color over time and get more character? This is another reason why products made out of wood are exceptional!
2. It’s unique
What’s more special than handing over a gift that’s been handmade out of a tree that has been growing for decades? A wooden gift represents the art the woodworker has put in and the life of the tree, which has formed the stunning colors and figure in the wood. Because of this, every gift is different and is guaranteed to be one of a kind!
3. Wood is a living material
One of our favorite reasons to work with wood, and what makes the gift truly special, is that wood is an organic material that has lived for a long time in our beautiful nature. Because of this, you never know what you will get, and every item is slightly different and has its own characteristics and charms. Another positive point about a wooden gift is that the craftsmen can finish it off with all different kinds of treatments like oil, varnish, lacquer, stain, … giving the same piece of wood each time a completely different look and feel.
4. Luxury Feeling
An item that is created out of some carefully selected hardwood has this traditional feeling over it, and it expresses luxury. This because the item has been handmade by a master craftsman and not mass produced like many things these days. If you then can combine this beautiful piece of art with a subtle engraving, this brings the product to the next level! Your beloved ones will appreciate it, and hopefully remember it when you once receive a present from them 😉
5. Versatile, works for every occasion
The advantage of a wooden present is that it works for many occasions and that you can give it to almost anyone. The possibilities with wood are endless, and there will always be something suited perfectly for the receiver. If you then add a personalization on it, the gift truly fits from a birthday to Christmas and retirement. A wooden gift can do it all!
6. Wood is perfect for engraved/personalized gifts
As we have said earlier in this post, the moment you engrave wood, it gets this nice darker look to it that makes the product truly unique. That’s why, in our opinion, wood is one of the best materials to use for personalized gifts. Another aspect is due to wood has these beautiful colors and figures, the engraving always comes out different.
7. Traditional keepsake
Wooden presents have been for centuries the best keepsakes in many countries. This because many nations had rich cultures of craftsmen, creating beautiful pieces of art. For example, Japan, Sweden, … Something made out of wood does not only look good but has a certain history behind it. That’s why it’s a perfect gift and traditionally seen as an excellent keepsake to give to friends or beloved ones.

8. Different places to buy personalized wooden gifts

We all know that we can buy almost everything on Amazon and similar platforms. But we would like to support small businesses and highlight how you can buy the easiest way from local shops that often make all the products themselves. There are endless reasons why this is a great idea, but the most important for us are: you support

We all know that we can buy almost everything on Amazon and similar platforms. But we would like to support small businesses and highlight how you can buy the easiest way from local shops that often make all the products themselves. There are endless reasons why this is a great idea, but the most important for us are: you support someone’s dream, the item is (almost) always made with more care, to strengthen the local economy, More personal connection and service.

1. Etsy
If you haven’t heard about Etsy, you’re in for a treat! Etsy is an American company that created a platform where all creators can sell their handmade crafts to people all over the world. On Etsy, you can literally find anything, and often the sellers love to personalize the items for you! Besides that, you have endless options regarding personalized wooden gifts; you can also filter on your country/state and find your local sellers! Many companies on Etsy are just 1 person, so you often talk directly with the owner and will get a great customer experience!

2. Pinterest
This one might come as a surprise for many people, but Pinterest is the perfect place to find a unique present idea and shop it directly from a local business or craftsman. People often use Pinterest just to find ideas and then find it on Google, but most pins on the platform have a link that immediately brings you to the page to buy the item. This makes shopping via Pinterest super convenient and fast.

3. Local stores/webshop
Ever thought of buying a wooden personalized gift from a local store or webshop? These stores are the place to go if you need a last-minute present, they often work with local materials with a story behind it, and shipping time will be super fast. Besides that, if you buy directly from the local stores, you help companies who are often having a hard time at the moment!

4. Instagram
The last place where we find a lot of unique presents is Instagram, one of the biggest social media platforms there is and a fantastic place to find unusual gifts. By using a general or local hashtag, you will find the most amazing creations made by people from your region. They will be more than happy to help you with your custom personalized order. This is a guaranteed winner!

9. Our favorite Personalized Wooden Presents

Now that you know where that you can find all these fantastic presents, you for sure want some ideas to get you started. We got you covered, here we display three of our favorite gifts that work well for any occasion. These are generally available everywhere around the world made by local craftsmen, out of the most unique wood species.

1. Wooden pens
Wait, before you say it, this is not a promo post about our handmade wooden pens; this is just to display that in our opinion, writing instruments are THE present to give for any occasion. Everyone needs a proper enclosure, and what’s better than one crafted out of the most remarkable wood species. And as a bonus, they look amazing engraved, it truly makes the pen stand out.

2. Picture frames
Who doesn’t love a picture frame? Exactly, that’s why these are so amazing. You can personalize them with anything you can think of, and come in all kinds of shapes. Meaning that they are available for almost any budget! As the last bonus point, the picture frames are often made out of locally retrieved wood, making the story extra special when handing over this present!

3. Cutting boards
A cutting board is a great gift to give to everyone who loves cooking or who just moved in. A good wooden cutting board will last for a lifetime. It will be used on a daily basis; combine this with a beautiful engraving, and it’s an excellent memory for ages! Besides that, it looks great, wooden cutting boards are better for the environment, your knives, and the taste.

10. Tips when buying personalized gifts

When you’re in the process of buying a present for your beloved one, there are some things you have to keep in mind/look at. In essence, you’re ordering a custom made order, so there are more steps involved than just buying a book. Secondly, because the products are handmade out of wood, there is a certain part of imperfection involved, and an engraving doesn’t always look great on everything. So be aware, and using these tips should definitely help!

1. Look/ask for example pictures
When you’re looking for that perfect personalized gift, it can sometimes be challenging to imagine how the engraving will come out on the wood. Almost always, the store has some example pictures displaying exactly how the engraving looks. By asking/looking for these pictures, you will avoid problems and will know for sure if the gift is what you’re looking for.
2. Talk with the store
By applying this tip, you can avoid most problems, and most store owners just like to talk with their customers! If there is anything you’re not 100% sure about, just send them a message, and often you will receive even more information for free. By getting to know the owner just a little, you can usually also notice if this is a place where you want to buy.
3. Look at the dimensions
Pictures say more than 1000 words, but yet they can be very misleading sometimes. We all have heard those horror stories were someone bought a car and received a toy car. To avoid this, always carefully check the dimensions of the item, and also look at the measurements of the engraving. You don’t want that when the package arrives, the engraving is barely readable.
4. Double-check the delivery time
We are all guilty of last-minute shopping, so make sure to check if the store can deliver your custom order on time. Engraving an item takes time, and often takes at least 1 extra day than a standard order. Small shops are often willing to go an extra step for you, so contact them in case the estimated delivery time is to slow for you.
5. Look for gift wrapping and cards
Many stores offer the option to gift wrap the package directly for you and add a card if you’re interested. This makes the gift just a little bit more unique, and saves you the time and struggle!

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog post regarding personalized wooden gifts. We hope this article was useful, and you now know everything to buy a unique gift for your beloved ones! We would love to hear what you thought of this post in the comments below!

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