How to choose the perfect wooden fountain pen

This post will give you more information about our wooden fountain pens. You will learn where the wood comes from and more!

Choosing the right product is a daunting task, our wooden fountain pens are all made out of unique and beautiful material, and it can sometimes be overwhelming finding the right one for you. In this blog post, I would like to tell you some more about every fountain pen, why they are awesome, and what makes them stand out compared to the other ones. But first shortly something about (wooden) fountain pens in general and why they are awesome to have and write with. A fountain pen is a beautiful writing instrument that expresses a form of class and luxury. Just looking at a good stylographic pen can make you smile! Another positive about a fountain pen is that you can write effortlessly for hours with it to express your thoughts while using your favorite ink. Lastly, a fountain pen is more ecological than a ballpoint pen. Many ballpoint pens are part of our throwaway culture and will be disposed of when the pen is empty. A proper ink pen uses an ink converter which can be filled time after time. If you want to learn more about fountain pens and how to use them properly, our friends from Fountainpenlove wrote an excellent article.

Our fountain pens are handmade out of wood originating all over the world. This to guarantee that each pen is unique and has stunning colors and figures that will make you smile while using it. For every pen, we use sustainable wood that comes from naturally fallen trees or sick trees. By doing so, we limit our environmental impact, and often this also guarantees the wood has these special textures and figures.
Because of this, some of our pens are also limited editions because no piece of wood is the same, and it is difficult to find a similar piece of the same quality. For the non-wooden parts, we are working together with an Australian supplier, which makes, in our opinion, the best pen kits! The pen is equipped with a lovely German iridium medium-sized nib to guarantee a great writing experience.

Throughout the years, we have had the joy to work with different pen gurus who were generous enough to write an in-depth review of their experience writing and using our wooden fountain pens. If you want to check these out: Penmeester and Pennen2020 have written their honest opinion regarding different wooden ink pens and give you all the details, you want to know.

Swedish Birch Fountain Pen

Engraved Birch Fountain Pen - Personalized Pen

We start with one of our favorites; the birch fountain pen is made from special masur birch, which comes from the Dalarna region in Sweden. Masur birch is a rare variation of birch wood, and the wood has unique colors and figures which vary from light white to shiny yellow and black. This makes every fountain pen special and one of a kind. The birch fountain pen is ideal for our personalization option, where you can engrave a name, logo, or text in the pen. It gives the pen an extra touch of luxury and makes the pen the perfect personalized gift.  The birch fountain pen is perfect for someone who is looking for a light-colored fountain pen with a luxury look and crafted out of unique wood.

Mexican Cocobolo Fountain Pen

Handmade Writer's Gift - Sustainable Refillable Pen

Next up, we have the unique cocobolo fountain pen. This pen is created out of Mexican cocobolo, which is a fantastic wood species that surprises us every time! The colors can vary from red to orange to purple to almost black. It’s genuinely a color spectacle that never disappoints and guarantees a special ink pen. The wood is extremely hard, making the pen durable so you can use it for ages. Our cocobolo fountain pen works well with our engraving option. But it leaves a more subtle text behind then in the lighter pens, this because of the darker colors in the wood. This adds a nice touch to the pen; in our opinion, the cocobolo fountain pen is the perfect stylographic pen for the business world, leaving a professional impression behind.

German Ash Burl Fountain Pen

Ash Burl Fountain Pen - Luxury Wooden Fountain Pen

The ash burl fountain pen is hand turned out of specially selected ash wood originated from Germany. We used a special part of the tree, which has lots of knots and figure running through it. This makes that the pen has a bit of a rougher surface and can sometimes have a small hole from an old knot or root. This doesn’t have any influence on your pen; it only makes it more unique! Ash is a light-colored wood and therefore is perfectly suited for our engraving option. The engraving will create a darker accent in the wood, which fits perfectly with the chrome parts of the pen. This makes our ash burl fountain pen perfect as a personalized gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings.

Dutch Flamed Maple Burl Fountain Pen

Flamed Maple Burl Fountain Pen - Personalized Fountain Pen

Our flamed maple burl fountain pen is a limited edition where only ten pieces are made from. This because the wood for the pen is the most special maple we have ever seen! Regular maple is light white-colored, but this maple burl ranges from brown to orange making it an astonishing pen to look at. The wood originates from an ancient sick tree from the Netherlands, and we were lucky enough to buy a small piece. Our personalization option works well with this limited-edition pen and will add a subtle engraving in the pen. This will make the ink pen even more personal and unique. For anyone who is looking for a limited luxury fountain pen, the flamed maple burl pen is exactly that!

German Chestnut Burl Fountain Pen

Chestnut Burl Fountain Pen - Handmade Wooden Pen

Next up, we have the gorgeous Chestnut burl fountain pen, which is made from the wood of an ancient sick tree originating from Germany. The chestnut used for this pen has beautiful colors ranging from dark brown to almost yellow. It often happens that a small knot is visible, making the pen truly special. Chestnut is a perfect wood species for an ink pen due to the highly detailed mirror-like finish. As an extra, you can personalize this fountain pen by engraving a name, logo, text, or anything you like. The engraving works perfectly with the chestnut and will engrave in a darker color. Creating a beautiful accent on the stylographic pen. Our chestnut burl fountain pen is the ideal everyday fountain pen to use for long writing sessions!

Italian Olive Fountain Pen

Personalized Wooden Fountain Pen - Engraved Wooden Pen Case

The olive fountain pen is one of the first pens we ever made in 2015! Italian olive is one of our favorite wood species; it’s a pleasure to work with, and it smells wonderfully like olive oil while turning. For this stylographic pen, we use historic olive wood originated from an ancient sick tree from the areas surrounding the Gran Paradiso mountain in Italy. The colors of the wood surprise every time and vary from light brown to yellow-greenish. The olive ink pen is one of the best pens to personalize with an engraving. Your desired text or logo will create a darker engraving in the wood, making it look spectacular! For this reason, our olive fountain pen is perfect as a personalized gift for birthdays, weddings, or graduations.

Redwood Vavona Burl Fountain Pen

Personalized Wooden Ink Pen - Engraved Wooden Fountain Pen

The vavona burl fountain pen is one of the latest additions to our assortment, and it’s another ink pen with a unique story. The wood for this tree originates from the roots of a giant redwood tree from California. We were fortunate enough to get a small piece of the roots of a 2500-year-old tree that fell decades ago. The roots of the tree have unusual eye-like shapes in the wood; the colors of the wood vary from red to black. This stylographic pen is genuinely unique due to the historical value and the astonishing figure in the product! Our personalization option will create a subtle engraving on the fountain pen, but it won’t leave the darker touch as it does in the lighter pens.  Our vavona burl pen is perfect for everyone who wants a colorful pen with an extraordinary history.

Japanese Pagoda Fountain Pen

Special Wooden Fountain Pen - Japanese Pagoda Pen

Our Japanese pagoda fountain pen is handcrafted out of pagoda wood. For this pen, we used the roots of a tree originating from Japan. Pagoda is a very durable wood with beautiful colors, figures, and a unique texture. Combined with the chrome parts, the wood is perfect for a unique ink pen! The colors of the wood vary from light brown to dark brown and have these typical eye-shaped forms in the product, making the stylographic pen a real eye-catcher. Our engraving option works excellent with this product, due to the name or logo will be gently burned into the wood, creating a beautiful contrast. Our Japanese pagoda fountain pen is the perfect pen to use daily and still be surprised by the beautiful wood.

Belgian Spalted Beech Fountain Pen

Spalted Beech Fountain Pen - Wooden Calligraphy Pen

The Spalted beech fountain pen is a unique handcrafted pen made out of Belgian beech wood. The beech originates from an old tree that fell over during a storm. After that, the tree rotted a bit, and this results in the unique colors and figures, or so-called spalted effect. By using some of this exceptional wood, we make every fountain pen different and one of a kind! Spalted beech is the perfect wood for an ink pen; it has a unique texture, color, and allows a stunning finish. You can personalize the pen by engraving a name, text, or logo in the stylographic pen. This will add a nice dark touch to the pen, which works perfectly with the spalted beech. For this reason, our spalted beech fountain pen is the perfect Father’s Day gift, Christmas gift, or birthday gift.

Moroccan Thuya Fountain Pen

Handmade Wooden Fountain Pen - Thuya Luxury Fountain Pen

Our thuya fountain pen is a truly unique pen made of carefully selected thuya root wood. The wood used for this pen comes from the areas surrounding the Atlas mountain regions in Marocco. Because we used the root of an ancient tree, it guarantees unique colors and figures. This makes the fountain pen genuinely unique and one of a kind! We combined the thuya with beautiful chrome accents to make the wood shine. As an option, you can personalize the pen with text or a logo. This will add a personal look to the stylographic pen and create a dark and warm engraving. Our thuya fountain pen is a stylish daily writer who can be used for long writing sessions.

Dutch Oak Burl Fountain Pen

Luxury Wood Fountain Pen - Unique Graduation Gift

The oak burl fountain pen is hand turned out of remarkable European oak wood. The wood comes from the Netherlands and originates from a large tree that got hit by lightning. Because of this, the wood has an extraordinary color, and the figures are stunning. Oak is one of our favorite woods, due to the extreme durability and the beautiful textures the product can have. The colors can vary from light brown to dark brown with a lighter figure. You can personalize the oak ink pen with a name, text, or a logo. Engraving an oak pen is a fantastic idea, due to it adds a darker touch to the unique oak and makes the pen truly personal.  The oak burl fountain pen is the perfect fountain pen for someone who is looking for a unique luxury pen made out of recognizable wood.

Belgian Maple Burl Fountain Pen

Maple Burl Fountain Pen - Special Luxury Fountain Pen

Our maple burl fountain pen is handcrafted out of locally harvested maple wood. The wood used for this pen originates from the area around our workshop. The tree was ill and had to be cut down to avoid damage in the next storm. We were lucky enough to receive a special part of the tree with beautiful colors and figures. Maple is a lovely wood species with warm colors, and it is incredibly durable. Maple wood can be combined perfectly with our personalization option. You can engrave a name, text, or anything you like in the pen. This will add a unique and personal touch to the ink pen. Making it the perfect Mother’s Day gift, birthday gift, or retirement gift. 

Brazilian Imbuya Burl Fountain Pen

Imbuya Burl Fountain Pen - Personalized Luxury Fountain Pen

The imbuya burl fountain pen is handmade out of exotic imbuya wood. The wood comes from Southern Brazil and originates from a gigantic ancient tree. imbuya is a darker wood type and has marvelous figures throughout the wood. This makes it perfect for a fountain pen, and it’s different from any pen we have in our collection. You can personalize the imbuya ink pen with a name or a logo. Due to the darker colors, the engraving is a lot more subtle than on the lighter color pens. But it adds a little touch of class to the product. Our imbuya burl fountain pen is the perfect pen for someone who is looking for a stylish fountain pen to use every day.

Gran Paradiso Fountain Pen

Gran Paradiso Fountain Pen - Luxury Wooden Pen

Lastly, we have our premium Gran Paradiso fountain pen. Made out of the finest olive wood coming from the area surrounding the Gran Paradiso mountain in the North of Italy. Olive wood is one of our favorite species to work with due to the unique colors, figures, and durability. With using this special wood, we make this luxury pen genuinely unique with a story behind it. The pen comes equipped with the best chrome accents found on the market and a luxury German Bock fountain pen nib. Lastly, the pen comes also in a luxury leather pen case. You can engrave the Gran Paradiso with a name, text, logo, or anything you like. This luxury fountain pen is perfect for the serious ink pen user who wants more than the standard and something with a story and history behind it.

That was the last fountain pen in our collection. We tried to give a summary of every pen and what makes them truly unique and different from the other pens. Hopefully, this blog post makes choosing the right pen for you easier and gives you more confidence when purchasing your new favorite pen. If you have any more questions or doubts regarding any pen, don’t hesitate to contact us. We love to tell you more about the products, the wood used and our shop. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post, we hope you enjoyed reading it!

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