The Complete Letter Opener Guide

The letter opener might not be the most useful or trendy item to have on your desk or to give to a beloved one. But it sure is one of the more unique items you can own and brings you back to the good old days of opening mail.

The perfect gift for any occasion!

The letter opener might not be the most useful or trendy item to have on your desk or to give to a beloved one. But it sure is one of the more unique items you can own and brings you back to the good old days of opening mail. Not only is a paper knife a small gadget that is still useful these days, it also avoids the frustration of opening letters like a neanderthal and even damaging the content! Besides that, it has the looks and feels of an elegant old-school product crafted especially for you with the possibility to personalize it.

Although you might not think it, it is a really popular gift, and our wooden letter openers have been sent worldwide as small yet affordable handmade presents for people. Why you might ask, well sometimes I struggle myself a bit with that, but truth to be told, a letter opener is something special, and it’s handmade, plus it offers you the opportunity to engrave the paper knife making it a gift that for sure is unlike any other. This article is the ultimate letter opener guide telling you everything there is to know about this little inventive gift, and why it’s such a great present.

Chestnut Letter Opener - Special Wooden Letter Opener


Let’s first start off with some intriguing facts about letter openers!
-A letter opener is a classic desk item originating from the 1700s, initially used for opening up printing papers, but later turned into the tool we all know and love so much these days. Our knives are inspired by the first models!

-Although no country is the specific inventor or spokesperson of the letter opener, the French have been prominent users and have been seen using it from the absolute beginning.

-Throughout history, paper knives would be engraved to personalize the letter opener to the owner; to this day, old pieces are being found that can be related back to historical figures.

-Martin Luther King was almost killed by a letter opener during an assassination attempt in 1958. The item had to be even removed surgically.

-Besides the trusty old letter openers like ours, there also exist electrical openers that can handle a dozen envelopes at the time. Talking about productivity, haha!

-A letter opener can be seen as an overly sharp item at the airport. We have already lost a couple of pieces at security.

-Did you know that the letter opener got its 21st-century version on the web? On the website, you can open difficult emails that are incompatible with your software.

Advantages of a letter opener

Now that you know everything about the history of this fascinating little stationery gadget, it’s time to talk about why it still deserves a place on your desk and all the advantages that come with it.
1. Opening letters has never been easier, I know that’s the whole purpose, but it has to be stated!

2. Letter openers are safe, they will prevent you from getting cut by the damn sharp paper, and finally, you can say goodbye to the papercuts.

3. Your mail will never be damaged anymore by an aggressive tear because you were once again inpatient.

4. They look super cool and give your desk this special touch that makes people jealously stare at you.

5. Your desk will be organized and much less messy because all envelopes will be opened precisely without any tears.

Personalized Golden Letter Opener - Engraved Paper Knife

Letter Opener as a gift

Sometimes it can be difficult to find subjects or just words to write about. A strategy/method that has been proven to work for a lot of people is creating inspiration lists. An inspiration list is basically a list of subjects that you can fall back oIf, at this point, you’re still not convinced about what a necessity a letter opener is in anyone’s life, then I don’t know what to say more. But as brought up in the beginning, personally I think it is the present to give these days to any person that deserves a gift. A paper knife is so versatile that it can be a wedding gift, moving-out present, or birthday gift. Often these awesome stationery tools can even be personalized with anything you can think of.

Our wooden letter openers tick all these boxes and are made of sustainable wood originating from dead or sick trees. But besides these advantages, the biggest might even be that they are cheap, nothing worse than the moment that you found the perfect present for someone, till you realize that you have to take a mortgage on your house and sell one of the kids to afford it! A personalized letter opener can be found for under 25 euros, but it will be something that the person can cherish for many years!

Different styles of paper knives

You can journal perfectly on a piece of paper from the printer and a pen you got with the cereal. But you can make the process for yourself so much easier and especially more enjoyable if you use materials that represent you. Because once you fall in love with journaling, you want to do this daily, and then you need really good material. If the little details about journaling make you excited, you’re going to be more eager to write your thoughts.

To end the ultimate letter opener guide, I want to quickly show you the most popular styles that are available on the market at the moment. Of course, there are thousands of different variations, and everyone has their own favorite, but these 4 different styles are guaranteed a fit for anyone you know!

– The minimalistic letter opener

If you’re just looking for an opener that can effortlessly access your mail, then the minimalistic version is perfect for you. Characterized by its stylish features and sharp lines make this paper knife still an eye-catcher on your desk. Combine it with a possible personalization, and this will be a product that you will cherish for your whole life! This particular version is our walnut letter opener, a fan favorite. It has a remarkable story that you can read everything about here!

Luxury Paper Knife - Special Wooden Letter Opener

Find out more

-The artistic paper knife

Of course, a plain old simple version is not suited for everyone; perhaps you want a letter opener that inspires you and represents the artistic side in you. This version will just mesmerize you every time you look at it and make you almost beg for new mail to enter every day! This specific version is hand forged and has these beautiful elegant accents, a must have for the severe letter opener fanatic!

Forged Letter Opener - Custom Paper Knife

Learn more about these hand forged gift

– The playful letter opener

Obviously, your desk setup does not always have to be serious, and a part of stationery is that it should be fun and enjoyable. So why not combine it with a letter opener full of joy and is somewhat playful. This small samurai paper knife set is a perfect example; rather ridiculous (cool) when you see it at first sight, but still practical and oh so unique. Not only will this be the piece on your desk that people will talk about, but you can also open your letters now truly ninja-style without anyone even seeing it!

Samurai Letter Opener - Ninja Paper Knife

Find more about these ninja gadgets

– The electric paper knife

To finish off, we added the 21st-century practical version of our favorite tool to this list.
Although an electric letter opener does not have the same feeling or produces the satisfying tearing noise, it is genuinely practical and multifunctional. This small electric letter opener here below is really compact, but can also shred and create a privacy stamp on all kinds of papers. So the 21st-century version has a couple of tricks up its sleeve that makes it a real contender, but for us, there is of course only one true winner 😉

Electric Letter Opener - Compact Shredder

Check out the 21st century version

After showing you these different styles, I have told you everything I know about these interesting stationery tools called letter openers. If you know something more that has to be added to the official letter opener guide, don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us everything you know. I genuinely hope you enjoyed reading this blog post, and it would mean the world to me if you could place a comment or help us out by sharing this on your favorite social platform.

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