The 12 best gifts for whiskey lovers

We’ve selected gifts in various price categories to make sure you will always find something that’s perfect for your scotch lover!

Finding a gift for someone with a passion for a nice whiskey can be a challenge, but we carefully choose items that can often be personalized and will really add something to their never-ending collection. We’ve selected gifts in various price categories to make sure you will always find something that’s perfect for your scotch lover! That’s why we’ve created a list of the 12 best whiskey gifts for whiskey lovers. Oh, and if nothing on this list works, a bottle of his favorite brand is always a safe backup ? But remember, the bottle is often only a gift for a short while. But these gifts can last way longer, and will impress everyone at Christmas, Birthdays, …

– Whiskey Barrel Writing Pen, Handmade Wooden Pen

Unique Handcrafted Whiskey Barrel Writing Pen

Every person needs a good ballpoint pen, and what better than one made out of an old whiskey barrel! This pen is handmade in our own workshop, and the wood comes from an old stave of a Ben Nevis barrel from Scotland. If you smell carefully, you can even still smell the fantastic scotch in this pen. As an extra, the gift comes with its own certificate proving that the wood comes all the way from Scotland!

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– Personalized Aging Barrel, Oak Whiskey Barrel

Personalized Whiskey Aging Barrel

Once someone gets hooked on collecting and drinking a good whiskey, sooner or later, they will start experimenting in perfecting/personalizing a whiskey. Well, then this personalized little whiskey barrel/aging barrel is absolutely perfect! They can experiment and create their one of a kind drink. It will be guaranteed to keep them busy for a very long time! And as an extra bonus, the barrel can be personalized with anything you can think of.

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– Whiskey Barrel Coasters, Reclaimed Scotch Coasters

Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel Coasters

What better whiskey gift to give than a unique coaster set made from old whiskey barrels! These coasters are handcrafted in a stylish design from old barrels out of Scotland. Besides drinking good scotch, everyone also needs something to store their glass on when it’s once again empty. And an old whiskey barrel is perfectly suited for that, and you always have something to talk about!

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– Whiskey Bucket List, Whiskey Scratch Poster

Unique Whiskey Bucket List

The classic bucket list is fun and really popular, but how about a whiskey bucket list for a scotch fanatic? This funny scratch poster consists of 100 different whiskeys worldwide, and they are all easily available. The list is perfect for a beginner to try out drinks in an organized way, but also, a real veteran will love this challenge. And if you’re really clever, you force the person to bring you on a trip around the world to taste the whiskey’s locally ?

Find out more about the whiskey bucket list

– Whiskey Decanter set, Luxury Scotch Set

Special Whiskey Decanter

A good old bottle of scotch to serve a whiskey out of is often not good enough for the whiskey enthusiast. It’s not only about drinking a nice glass. It’s also the experience around it. What better way to do that than with a really classy decanter set and some lovely glasses. The drink will taste even better.

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– Handmade Whiskey Soap, Jack Daniel’s Soap

Handmade Whiskey Soap - Jack Daniel's Soap

It doesn’t always have to be a gift focused on drinking; this unique soap is something they for sure don’t have yet! And yet they will use it daily, and another great story to tell while drinking good scotch. Besides that, it looks cool. The soap actually smells like Jack Daniel’s whiskey and is even good for your skin. This is such a great budget birthday gift or Christmas gift!

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– Whiskey Posters, Whiskey Wall Art

Another great gift is a poster or a piece of art regarding whiskey. There are literally thousands of options in this genre. Still, we choose two that we personally liked a lot, and we think our fellow bourbon lovers will also appreciate it! This is a perfect whiskey gift for someone on a budget (option 1) or if you really want to go all-in (option 2).

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– Personalized Whiskey Stones, Whiskey Rocks

Personalized Whiskey Stones

For many people, nothing is better than a cold whiskey. But when using ice cubes, you dilute the drink. That’s why these whiskey stones are the perfect gift to avoid this problem. They will not disturb your premium whiskey but will keep it nice and cold. The cool part about these cooling rocks is that you can personalize them with what you like, and they come in this stylish box!

Find out more about these whiskey rocks

– Custom Whiskey Glas, Etched Scotch Glass

Engraved Whiskey Glass

We have already had many items that can be seen as critical or really fun for a bourbon collector. Still, nothing is as essential as a good glass. This whiskey glass is exactly that, a good looking glass that shows off that beautiful scotch, and it can be etched with your own logo or initials! Drinking in style is guaranteed with these.

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– Bourbon balls, whiskey Truffles, Scotch Chocolate

Handmade Whiskey Candy

Combining chocolate and whiskey almost sounds too good to be true, right? Well, the people from Blanton have done it, and this is always a winner for any bourbon enthusiast you know. An easy yet unique gift that beautifully blends chocolate with whiskey.

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– Jack Daniels Luxury Writing Pen, Handmade Whiskey Pen

Jack Daniel's Luxury Writing Pen - Reclaimed Whiskey Pen

We all have dozens of pens lying around, but this awesome pen is made from an old Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrel. The wood comes from the distillery in Tennessee and has been used for their famous no.7 whiskey. This luxury pen beautifully resembles what Jack Daniel’s stands for. Even if your scotch lover is not a big fan of Jack Daniel’s, this pen will guaranteed be a success and be with the person his whole life!

Learn more about this Jack Daniel’s Pen

Whiskey Fragrance, Outlaw Scotch Cologne

Whiskey Cologne - Whiskey Fragrance

We hope you liked our gift guide, and we’re pretty confident you found a unique whiskey gift for your whiskey enthusiast! If you have any extra suggestions for this present list, we’re always open for additions.

Find out more about the whiskey cologne

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